Top 2 Films of the Biennale Cinema 2019

By The Editorial Board

This year, Venice was full of the usual sorts: beautifully restored classics, a slew of short films with political relevance and a desire to innovate but little else, major films which drew debatably valid excitement, a few that I couldn’t bear for twenty minutes (no offense to Mick Jagger), and those few that did what films should do, in my opinion, leaving you with a dazed feeling as you leave the theater. As the last stragglers came around on Sunday night, pulling down the posters from along the Lungomare, two remained from my list that I’d see again.

A Herdade (Portuguese)
Tiago Guedes

A beautiful, Portuguese epic film about a family of landowners from the 1970s to the 1990s.

Citizen Rosi (Italian)
Didi Gnocchi, Carolina Rosi

A sentimental documentary about Francesco Rosi from the viewpoint of his wife, Carolina Rosi. Francesco Rosi directed “Lucky Luciano,” in which, I learned from the film, he employed an FBI agent who tracked Lucky Luciano in real life, to play him in his movie, a testament to his desire for historical accuracy throughout his work.


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